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Lose Weight For Good

Is Your Job Making You Fat? How to Lose the Office 15...and More! not only identifies and analyzes all of the central sources of weight gain associated with work, but also provides highly effective steps to control this ever-expanding problem and help you lose weight. Authors Ken Lloyd and Stacey Laura Lloyd offer a new approach where you apply your businesslike mindset and skill set to weight management. After all, at work, you have a plan that includes objectives, benchmark dates, strategies, priorities, deadlines, and measurable results. This book shows you how to use this same methodology to take charge of your weight.

Causes of Weight Gain at Work

Today's jobs combine a wide range of factors that contribute to weight gain at work. Prolonged sitting, an onslaught of unhealthy foods constantly foisted upon employees, higher levels of stress, extended work hours, long commutes, business travel, and more, all come together to form the perfect storm for weight gain.

What You Can Do to Lose Weight

The plans, tips, tools, and strategies in this book will enable you to prevent weight gain on the job. You'll learn how to apply your business mindset and skill set to shed those pounds and prevent them from coming back.

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and on Audible.

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