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"This book provides you with a clear understanding of the compelling link between the workplace and weight gain, while also equipping you with a vast array of highly effective and innovative strategies to help you manage your weight on the job. It's an excellent resource for employees and employers alike."

Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO,

"What at first glance seems to be an unlikely cause-and-effect relationship actually has merit, according to Ken and Stacey Lloyd, management consultant and social media consultant respectively. The sedentary nature of many jobs, plus the higher stress levels and longer hours, tend to work against physical fitness goals. The problem thus stated, the authors present a wealth of strategies for mitigating stress, brown-bagging it for lunch, and working out at one’s desk (or even on the commute). VERDICT In addition to being fun to read, this volume provides a veritable menu of suggestions for staying healthy and active despite a busy schedule."

Library Journal

"Just in time for the postholiday bloat comes this timely diet guide from Ken Lloyd (Performance Appraisals and Phrases for Dummies) and Stacey Laura Lloyd. If you have a white-collar job, you're likely at risk of encountering an unhealthy "corporate foodscape," the authors warn. Fortunately, after pointing out the many potential minefields (the candy bowl, the "lovely leftovers"), the authors also offer plenty of healthy alternatives and advice. Creative ideas include standing/treadmill desks and exercises to perform in the car, train, or even in your chair. The Lloyds also offer strategies to help deal with the temptations involved when dining out or traveling for business. The authors adopt a gentle, conversational tone, using alliteration ("coffee conundrum," "restaurant realities," "furniture, fitness, and fatness") to make their simple hints memorable and often humorous...."              

— Publishers Weekly

"Ken Lloyd and Stacey Lloyd have co-produced a remarkably in-depth guide to whittling your waistline by changing your on-the-job behaviour…. Sure, there’s a chapter on integrating more movement into your work day (think standing desk, treadmill desk, regular breaks and even under-desk pedal pushers), but what’s unexpected are the chapters on the many ways your work routine effects your wellbeing: breakfast, the temptations of the corporate foodscape, your commute, events/conferences, travelling and dinners…. The style is creative and engaging with just enough humour. Incredible detail defines hundreds of positive actions you can take to reduce the impact of work on your weight, from how to manage peer pressure from colleagues to better planning your daily commute…. For every problem, the authors provide a range of solutions, see-sawing from the stuff your mum told you to ingenious, new fix-its. Only, with this book, you have it all in the one place….Whether you’re a white collar worker, manager or business owner, you’d do well to read-up on how you can improve work-related wellbeing…."

— Being Fifty-Something Blog